Plots are Us

We still have the heat wave going on here.  Hopefully by the time you read this, it will have broken with thunderstorms.  I’m writing but it is so darn hot my brain feels like it is crawling through a hot pea soup.  I’m doing better with pen and paper than typing so I am using that more.   Plus I can collapse under the nearest fan.  [SHEESH TYPO FIXED EDITOR  might also been a Freudian slip too… but do you realize  my spell check thinks dong is ok?]

I have found I do better with pen and paper.  I’m not sure why.  I seem to connect better and are more able to visualize the scene to describe it.  I can write longer with the pen and paper than I can at the keyboard.  I tend to fuss at the keyboard and keep checking word counts.  Maybe at the end of  Camp Nano this won’t be a problem.

I do better at expanding on what I write with the pen and paper when I am at the keyboard.  One page can become 1600 words very quickly.   Writing it first then typing it seems to add to the flow and more details come out.  I guess in some way you can say I am revising as I write when I do this.   It has to be entered any way.  I want to keep my word count and it is simply easier in Scrivener.

I was reading that a line contained about 8 words.  My legal pad is on average of 11.  The number of lines on the page.  The legal pad is 34 that I use making it  374 words on a page.  I wrote about 4 pages of it last night.  That is suppose to be about 1496 words.  It was fairly close.    By the time I was done embellishing it I had 2996 words done.

Not shabby for 4 pages of paper.  My hands hurt.  More specifically my right hand hurts.  I’m right handed.  I think it means I just wrote my ass off.  That or I need to find the Arthritis cream my doctor prescribed for me.

Why couldn’t they have this technology when I was young and my hands didn’t hurt?

I am writing the start of the ending.  No I am not that far along.  I just needed to write this part.  It’s been brewing.  It is giving me set up for the middle.  Love those notes on the side that Scrivener lets me do.

Speaking of that, I have a friend who is trying it right now.  She said she loves it.  She didn’t know she was that disorganized.  No dear, you want to see disorganized you should see all those stories and writing notes I use to have in my Mom’s attic.  It took up several large boxes.  It ran all the way from my first Alias Smith and Jones [with Peter Duel] fan fiction which ran about 50 pages to when I went trucking off to the Navy.   That was half way through college for my degree in Journalism.    What?  You didn’t know I was planning on being part of another Woodward and Bernstein?  Ok that age thing again…  Forget that part.

In the summer before my Junior year, I realized I was bored and joined the Navy.  Stupidly instead of insisting on  Journalism school I let them put me in as a DP or a Data Processing Tech.   I hated Main Frames.  I hated programming languages.  I purely hated it.  I should have stuck with the Journalism plan of going to that ‘A’ school in the Navy.  I still hate main frames and programming.  It is a thing that should die.

So the master plan is to include some writing as the base and then type in it.   There are 9 more days of NaNo if you don’t count today.  10 if you do.  If I am delusional and think I can hit the 3000 each day mark that means I will have another 30000 words under my belt making my grand total about 87039 words.  [ I am so delusional there could be little pink elephants dancing on my lawn.]

And then the real work begins on the novel.  I need a NaNoEdMo