Plotting is like sitting on an egg

And I think the little bugger is trying to hatch.    I’ve been on break if you have been reading the previous posts.  At one point it became writing avoidance 101 which I passed with flying colors.  I’ve had plenty of practice on that starting back when I decided to be a Journalist and went to college in 19…  You know something?  You don’t need to know the year.  You got the century.

So I have been putting about not doing a thing about the story for NaNoWriMo.  After all I have 52000 words.  I won already.  I can get Scrivener for half off.   Since I stopped writing that begs the question, why on earth do you want to buy it.   I never said I made sense.  My subconscious makes sense but I don’t.

And my subconscious has been hard at work on this.  I not only have where the Deputies and the serial killer intersect but a fairly good outline for the last half of the book.  Right up to the End.

The End has been a bit screwed over right now.  Hopefully by the time I get to it,  I will know where I am going.   Or at least have a good idea of the end.  Right now they are up the tree and I am throwing rocks at them.  But how do I get out of it without the FBI rescuing them and having a very lame ending?    [I have a serial killer saying “I like lame endings.  Two cops gone.”  He’s a bit touchy.  I haven’t fed him the Redhead yet.  I guess it  is feeding time.]

The kicker that  started this is the darn index cards.     I’m a card snob.  Index cards  are to scatter around so you look busy.  They serve no earthly purpose in my life.  They never have.  Except for Mr Sampson’s speech class.  Then they served a very good purpose. Otherwise?  Clutter.  Something to annoy my mother with.   Fill them out then lose them.  That pretty much sums up the status of cards for the last… Never mind you don’t need to know that either.

Today the plot urge hit.  I knew I had to write it down.  I used Scrivener’s cards.  That worked great up to a point.   I needed to write it down instead of  type it down.  The cards I generated  in the program were too broad.  I pulled out the notebook paper and was even less happy.   There is a full trashcan next to my desk full of wadded up paper that have the start of the plot.

From all the supplies I bought, I dug out the Assorted Glow Spiral  ruled index cards.  No I did not buy normal index cards.  I hate them remember.  I figured these might come to use a  shopping list if nothing else.   Let me tell you, it would be hard for me to forget the Neon Pink ones when I go out the door.  It would blind you.

I picked the yellow.   Easiest on the eyes.  And I started writing down plot.  It’s a mess but I wrote it down just as it came to me.  Sort of like a rough draft.    That was the kick start I needed.  Suddenly I was coming up with ideas.    I realized I need to expand more than the cards can do so I created so I did get the notebook paper and create something I titled Plot Points.   It has the plot on one side of the page.  The other side is for whatever  I need to use it for.

The Plot Points are letting me expand the plot more than the cards will let me.  The cards give me a quick focus so I can move the sections around and review what has gone on until now.    Between the two of them, my plot is coming together.

It is also falling apart.  I can see the holes, the undeveloped subplots and the unanswered subplots.  Since this s a rough draft, I am making note moving on.  The rewrite will patch those up.

Now the “Let’s get writing” bug has hit so it is off to Scrivener.  Plot poking through!  Move aside.

Here, Killer.  Here boy.  Redhead for lunch.