Threats will do it

Well, after having been threatened with being invited to another country to clean someone’s house, I am plotting.  Amazing what the threat of actual work will do.

I ran Holly Lisle’s How to Outline a Plot PDF  and discovered several things about the Main Character named Will.  I’m doing the other Main, Joe, right now.   Scrivener is really handy for this with the character sheets.   I’ve got a better picture of Will and his fears and hopes.  It doesn’t help move the serial killer on at the moment but it makes me realize I need to review this.

I also now know the general intersection point of the Killer with Will and Joe.  I also know  the cause of the intersection.    It was there in the back of my mind but I kept hedging away from it.  When I looked at the diagram of what I had laid out  as well as the character sketches of  the MCs, as my granny would say, it was as plain as the nose on your face.   I think I heard one Serial Killer go “Finally, you nitwit”   He’s happier.  I think it’s  time to toss him little Red.

This has been a great awaking.  Did NaNoWriMo cause it?  Sort of? kind of?  Well.. Maybe?  I wouldn’t have thought to try this without them.  I did the original short stories for the Other Half , and put them aside when  OH died.   This was the easiest way to write for July’s camp because I had 52000 words I could get out of them.  I just did.  [FYI?   OH = Other Half when I write.]

The biggest discovery was   I actually might have a writer in me after all.  I always thought I might but didn’t seem to have the discipline when I was younger.  Maybe I’ll credit a lot of this to being an old fart.  A lot of it was simply the fact that I didn’t have any teachers who could teach.

I would be told how good my teachers must have been by others but I was  entirely self educated in that department.  My yearbook said “Lives in the Library”.  I did too.  I would walk out with the maximum number of books they would allow on every subject under the sun.

My teachers were horrendous.  The current crop still is in fact.  Our local schools, the ones I went to as a child and a teen, are in the bottom of the list of schools when they are ranked in Education in my state.  Pathetic isn’t it?  But they are worried about their children playing sports.  Who cares if the teachers can’t teach and Johnny Sue can’t read?  They can still get that pro football deal and go to Wimbledon.  Forget the fact that the sports teams are ranked at the bottom of the state lists too.   The Kool-aid must be really strong at those PTA meetings.

How did I get where I am?  By living at the library.  All those years of reading should amount to something.  I read everything I could get my grubby little paws on.

So now I am applying myself to the fiction area of writing.   It feels weird.  It feels strange.  But you know what?  It feels 52000 words of good so far.

I will work this out.  And Rotty?  No.  I will not clean your house.  Liexo?  Send money for plane fare.  Note money may be used for a vacation on the Outer Banks while I write instead of plane ticket to come clean your house.  And I need to  invite “Little Red” to a tea party.

Edit note: I had a direct link to Holly’s how to outline a plot PDF. It won’t find the page any more but if you google “Create Your Professional Plot Outline Holly Lisle” Google should provide you with a direct link to the PDF which for some strange reason won’t work on here. If that doesn’t work? Just go to the RPMAS main site and PM me. Philo. I will get you a copy of my copy.