Best laid plans of mice and writers

I ran into a very nice “How to set up your notebook” for writers.   It was easy.  Check.  Well explained.  Check.  I made note of the supplies.  Check.  I could see myself using that system and supplies.  Check.   All systems go.

One of the things I have discovered is that a system needs to fit me.  I don’t want to spend more time organizing than I do writing.  This system was easy to understand, hit key points and looked as if it suited my style.  Please note my current style is “Totally new to this and barely have a clue.  Need massive help.”

When I went to the Doctor’s I stopped at Walmart and bought the supplies listed.     I ended up with two binders, pocket dividers, dividers, notebook paper, and a few other items they wanted.  Everything on the list made perfect sense.  I could see myself using those supplies.

Before anyone squawks about Walmart, you need to understand it is the only store that carries such supplies in 32 miles.    There is a small Kmart but it is on the other side of town and my objective was to get in, get the goods, get out.  Sort of the Bank Robber plan of shopping.    My appointment was at 11:15 and I wanted to be home before the heat hit this afternoon.   No time to go to Kmart  then get the drugs the doctor might prescribe [he did btw]  and drive the 32 miles home before dying of heat exhaustion.  I have no air conditioner in the Jeep.  That’s on the fix list.

I was so proud of that plan and the fact I succeeded.   I got home.  Drank a lot of ice tea.  Unloaded the Jeep.  Settled in to organize.  [ok Editor?  Happy?]

Do you think I can find my notes or where I found that system?  I don’t know if it was online or in a book.   I’ve looked all afternoon.  No clue.  No Godiva either but that is another story.  I am not happy with CVS in that strange little town.   No Godiva.  Grrr.

So here I sit with binders, dividers, pockets, and other assorted paraphernalia designed to make a writer’s life so much easier and I have no clue what the devil to put in them.  The only thing I can find is a note saying “One divider for Plot.  One divider for Research”    So my3 ring binder has 2 marked dividers in it.

If I ever find the blanking book or article, I’ll post it here.  Task for tomorrow?  Put together a system I think will work.  Maybe.  Oh God, please.