New URL for Facebook

Screw in board

Due to FB's incompetence, I can now be found here: Do not, I repeat, do not pay these people for an ad or to boost posts. Yesterday I woke up to a PROVE you are you from Facebook and a blocked account.  I sent in my photo ID.  Unblocked. Everything back to normal.  With … Continue reading New URL for Facebook

Present Uncertain excerpt The Brig

Navy Pier with Sub and boats

“Get up. Your ride’s here.” The Petty Officer hit the bars with his nightstick. The men sprawled on the racks didn’t move. “It’s about time, Sarge.” One swung himself upright and froze. “Gunny. I mean Gunnery Sergeant, I… We…” As the Petty Officer unlocked the door, the others shot to their feet. “Out here now!” … Continue reading Present Uncertain excerpt The Brig

I am missing on FB

inside prison cell block picture

After being on there for 4 years, FB has suddenly decided I'm not a real person and demanded proof that I am.  I had to send them my photo ID.  Bit of luck because when I renew my Brooklyn Public Library membership, I have to send them my ID every time.  So I have one … Continue reading I am missing on FB

Delay on release due to illness.

Breaking news

Delay on Present Uncertain release date. Now Aug. 10th.

Goodreads screwed the pooch again… sigh.

Screw in board

There is nothing more exciting when you haven't finished your first cup of coffee than finding out that Goodreads, AGAIN, stuffed your newest book under someone else's profile. It's starting to look like every damn time I publish a book, they are going to stuff me under some other poor bloke who would NEVER think … Continue reading Goodreads screwed the pooch again… sigh.

Present Uncertain: Available for Preorder

Marines running through snow

What happens when Society tells you that you are something different from what you are?  And what you want to be isn't what you are supposed to be?  Could anyone love you for who you really are?  Throw in bombs, Platoons, and other's demands of what you want to be  and it gets... well... complicated. … Continue reading Present Uncertain: Available for Preorder

News Flash Writers: We are all going to die

And then where will your writing be.  Neil Gaiman brought this topic up. We can't avoid it.  What will happen to your books and works in progress when you die?  Who will get it? Who will control it? John M. Ford was pretty much the smartest writer I knew. Mostly. He did one thing that was … Continue reading News Flash Writers: We are all going to die

WordPress screwed the pooch again and I’m “slightly vexed”

Railroad going off into the distance

Compared to the D'regs, they were merely slightly vexed  Prachett from Jingo What else is new.  They screwed up enough that they could have created their own pack.  I can't modify my own website. It keeps telling me "Sorry you can't do that."  IT IS MY BLOODY SITE. I'm not in a good mood to … Continue reading WordPress screwed the pooch again and I’m “slightly vexed”

New book progress and Pen Names

Antique Typewriter

Present Uncertain is not what I normally write even though you might see my writing in it, I decided to use a Pen Name: Harrison Phillips.

Business as.. usual?

Colored pencils in water

This is going to be a hated post by a lot of people.  It's a reality post.  The reality of writing.  And it sucks.  Big time.  There are no escaping simple facts, among them, is if you plan on being an author who gets paid for their work, you have to deal in business.  No … Continue reading Business as.. usual?