The simple bare necessities of life

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A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Typewriter with paper. God, I’ll learn to do the dang margins again. Have I ever told you how I hated to do margins? REALLY hated to do margins.

Why? So I can write. It’s going to give me plenty of time to write so yep. A typewriter. Maybe I can train a seagull to deliver it to the publisher.

A full automatically restocking pantry I am not stupid. I refuse to truck around the Island trying to feed myself. Let that for the nature kids. I’m into nature but not that much. Now hand me a bottle of wine to go with my filet.

An ereader featuring a sun recharger and wifi to all the ebooks in the world. Really, I can pass on the TV. Who needs to watch season 45 of Survivor when you are living it?

A Pod house. “At nearly 300 square feet, each individual unit has closet space, a bed, kitchenette, living area and a bathroom complete with toilet, sink and shower. While best suited to just two people a single one of these portable homes could house up to six people as needed” YOU build the damn house out of palm fronds or what the hades ever else you can find. I have a toilet. And it generates its own electricity.

And number 5…  Lets see, I have housing, food and entertainment fairly well covered…. What?  I believe in living large.   I would say the internet but… well…

Oh heck why not…

A computer with the Internet via dish.  There.    That solves everything else.  Which means I don’t need the typewriter and paper.  Drat.

OH YEAH, a lifetime supply of toilet paper.

I  wonder if Walmart Delivers that far out there….