Cold as… And my favorite seasonal shows stank… Mostly


It’s cold. When I checked at 8 a.m. it said 8F. I’m not a fan of 8F. The pipes are frozen. We won’t go into that. I blew a major circuit and I’m cussing Gordon for wanting the kitchen and the bathroom on this side of the house. NOT a good thing.

So my plans for New Years is find out how much it would cost to move the damn bathroom back to my side of the house and consider moving the kitchen there too. We always called that side my side. This side was the store side. You see the house was originally a huge old store and house. Now it is one house.

However this planning will take time and as we all know, time takes time. So far this year has been lousy. I hate cold. I really hate arctic cold. It needs to stay where it belongs, in the arctic.

New Years is also the anniversary of the death of my SO. I got whacked on the head with a major bout of depression on December 24th. Pea soup thick depression. It let up a bit Christmas Day but I was running on it until Jan 2nd.

The Christmas show for Doctor Who [yes I DO know that was last year] was horrible. Worst piece of writing I’ve seen in a long time. Oh the actors gave it a go but nothing could fix the manic crappy writing. And it was manic and very crappy.   I expected better.

Sherlock, now that was a bit better. It wasn’t as Manic or as crappy but it did have its “WTF?” Moments. He dropped a few scenes in there without transition that left you going “Say What?” But over all it was a nice respite from the crap that was Doctor Who.

The winner out of them all Bluestone 42. Best Christmas/New Years show. It was funny. It made sense. It didn’t hop all over the blue blazes with a fragmented story line. Best lines was Bird who said “Someone crying in the corner, now it’s Christmas.”

So the loser appears to be Steven Moffat. Really bad writing. Looks like our American crap and lord knows we have a lot of American crap. The American TV writers are very good at crap. They have a PhD in it [Pile it high and deep]  We will title this season for his shows “The Americanization of Steven Moffat”.

How Bad was Doctor Who

How Was Your Time of the Doctor?

Sherlock proves how bad Doctor Who was

And I stand by the statement that the regeneration was a “Oh shit, we have ran out of time.  Throw that sucker in there fast.”